Credit: Diana Oyaga | IG: @wicolab | Wico Lab Founder Diana Oyaga
Affirm Noire| July 30, 2021
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The creative wave's current is being felt internationally. Countries are focused on technological innovation as they aim to outperform one another. Possibly, with the goal of becoming the next land of economic prestige. However, innovation is not just on the minds of executives based in the most advanced countries. It’s on the minds of citizens across the globe regardless of location. It’s also on the minds of Creatives seeking ways to transform their work life. Those who want to use social media and other digital tools to launch their own pursuits. In the middle of 2020, Colombian born Diana Oyaga (she/her) took her love of design and creative expression overseas. After 12 years of working in the advertising industry, she founded Wico Lab. Culture, communication, collaboration, and the tools that make these factors possible are at the core of its brand strategy work.

For me, two big reasons led me to this decision to work on my own. One is helping others. The second is the opportunity of working on art and design projects that give me more freedom to create.

Credit: Diana Oyaga | IG: @wicolab | Wico Lab Founder Diana Oyaga

“The journey to launching Wico Lab started with me freelancing and working with mentors to learn how best I could give my time and skills to entrepreneurs who are starting small and dreaming big,” Diana said recently in an interview.

Diana works as a creative strategist who leverages the internet to work virtually from Mexico City. She combines business and creative tools with her expertise from advertising to help entrepreneurs tell their story creatively byway of brand content writing and design. In addition, she assists brands in developing their business strategies.

Finding a niche can be a drawn out process for most new entrepreneurs. But Diana identified her target clientele from the very start. When asked about how she came up with the vision for Wico Lab, she said:

A few years ago, I had the opportunity of mentoring social impact entrepreneurs by giving a part of my time to helping them with their marketing. This experience led me to discover beautiful projects that these visionaries of the world were doing. I connected with people working with local artisans in Mexico and Bolivia. Likewise, I connected with entrepreneurs solving problems with algae waste and working with superfoods in South America. I was inspired to see how some people work on a mission to solve a problem and do something great. The few hours I spent mentoring the teams weren't much. So, I realized I could bring my knowledge to small businesses, help them plan their communications, and strengthen their connection with their consumers and stakeholders. This is why I try to look for clients who are seeking to make a difference.

Working with clients who have unique visions fuels Diana in her work. She believes collaborating on ways to bring these visions to life can help creatives, visionaries, and people from the business and academic world learn and create larger impacts on the world.

Credit: Diana Oyaga | IG: @wicolab | Diana Oyaga's Office Wall Art

Entrepreneurship often affords us the opportunity to cultivate freedom and centralize things of importance within our lives. Certainly, this is the case for Diana. She is finding this journey an exciting endeavor. 

“I believe the path of a solopreneur is beautiful in that you slowly start to sow into your work all the things you like and are important to you,” she shared passionately. “ For me, two big reasons led me to this decision to work on my own: helping others and the opportunity of working on art and design projects that give me more freedom to create,” she continued. 

The creative freedom that comes with making art is important to her. In fact, she dedicates time to gather inspiration from it as much as she can. 

“When I’m not working hands-on on a project,” she said, “I like to design simply for the craft, and I do painting as well.”

Credit: Diana Oyaga | IG: @wicolab | Wico Lab Design

In short, Diana believes art can bring people together to form a community. She thinks it creates room for Creatives to share their views and social messages. Belonging to communities of like-minded people that foster growth has helped her learn and is is of significance to her. As a result of joining these communities, she has connected with other women, entrepreneurs and artists. 

“Seeing how artists work collectively inspires me," she mentioned, "and I think there's a lot to be done in union through the creative community.”

Pertaining to where she plans on heading in the near future with Wico Lab, she said, “My next step and intention is to collaborate with other artists and designers to create visual communication campaigns or artworks.”

Diana is aiming to create her own campaigns for Wico Lab that are intentional and representative of its identity.  

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