we are seeking personal narratives/essays, fictional stories, poetry, graphic and/or digital fine art that emphasizes the experience of living with depression and other mental health conditions. fashion designers can submit lookbooks that demonstrate the emotional aspects of fashion. directors can submit info and/or clips about their upcoming projects surrounding this subject, as well. you can even submit an image of a plate that evokes emotion if you are a food artist! all art counts. while we appreciate the support of all, Creatives submitting work must be BIPOC and/or BIPOC individuals identifying as LGBTQIA+!
Submit your submissions using the form below! 

Requirements for Poetry Submissions

poetry should be free-verse, blank-verse, or rhymed. it should be funny, emotional, shocking, thought-provoking, and/or non-traditional. it should be appropriate for our brand. some examples include poetry on managing mental health, musings about art, social disparities etc. please submit up to five poems, no more than ten pages. no simultaneously submitted work. work previously published in any form will not be considered. click here to learn about proper formatting for poetry submissions.

Requirements for Stories, Essays + Personal Narratives

stories should be fictional and character-driven. they should incorporate cultural awareness and center on liberation, romance, and/or mental, physical, and spiritual health. surprise us! essays should showcase a deep understanding of and/or relationship with the subject matter, and should be more formal (yet entertaining) in nature. acceptable topics for essays include resilience in your creative field, lack of mental health assistance for BIPOC groups, etc. personal narratives should elicit inspiration, emotion, and critical thinking. please submit stories, essays, and personal narratives using proper manuscript format with your name, email address, and the piece’s total word count on the first page. make sure the text is double-spaced. the minimum word count for essays and stories is 1,500 words, while the max is 2,500 words.

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