Credit: Nathalie Antanov | Musician and Producer Sug Daniels | IG: sugdaniels_
Affirm Noire| June 25, 2021
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Sug Daniels (she/her) is a name you may encounter soon enough if you have yet to, especially if you are into folk artists who are hell-bent on carving out space for themselves in the fierce music industry. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, the queer, Black musician and producer is on the verge of rising to new heights within her musical career. Notably, she has been featured on WXPN's The Key, Town Square Live, West Side Grows, and NBC10 Philadelphia. A member of the funk soul group, Hoochi Coochi, she is no stranger to standing in front of a crowd nor standing out. And her musical roots run deeper than the southern Baptist churches she grew up in.

"I was originally inspired by my mother to express myself through music," she said in an interview with us. "She used to sing in church and was very sought after in our town. When she would get on stage and sing she could really change the atmosphere into a place of pure joy and expression. I found my own voice outside of music at a pretty young age. As I got older and had more experiences writing about them was a way for me to get them out of my head and process them."

Finally gaining a balance between life, various music projects, and ukulele strings, Sug has found her stride as an artist and has turned her gorgeous hazel-green eyes to a silhouette of herself: one where she is center as a solo artist. Performing was always part of her creative toolbox.

Sug Daniels
Credit: Nathalie Antonov | Sug Daniels | IG: @sugdaniels_

"Every Christmas when I was a kid the sisters (my mom and aunties) would make the kids do some kind of song and dance for the family," she reminisced. "We were even allowed to make it up on the spot but that got me over my stage fright pretty early."

She and her Brooklyn record label Weird Sister Records recently re-released her single, "Heavy", which explores the awkward circumstances associated with mistaking a friendship as a potential romance. Oh! And Sug took it upon herself to produce the video to Heavy home...during the pandemic...when she could have easily been getting into arguments with her friend and neighbor, Rob Pfeiffer (the pair gained attention after writing and signing song Tilton Park together which was based on issues with water drainage in the park) or filling herself up on vegan ramen! Just saying there's been a lot of arguments and over-indulging going on with Covid.

Credit: Sug Daniels | IG: sugdaniels_ | The official "Heavy" music video produced by Sug Daniels.

"This solo project has been fun because it’s been my first stab at expressing myself through mediums outside of just singing and performing. It has been thrilling and interesting to learn as I go," she said

In all seriousness, the commitment Sug has showcased to her community and her artistry is what makes her shine like her golden voice. She is a ray so many could use in their lives. Inspiring, genuine, and different. Someone who isn't afraid to be themselves in a world where being queer is still viewed as problematic.

Sug Daniels Performing
Credit: Maury Kahn | IG: @sugdaniels_ | Sug Daniels performing

"My focus as an entertainer is to tell the stories that are true and authentic to my brown, female, queer, small town experience," she said regarding the #musicgoals she wants to accomplish as a new solo artist. "I feel the importance of being my true self in my art is vital to continuing the mission of inclusivity and representation in music. From the pronouns I use in my music when addressing a lover in a song to the way I dress and carry myself, I am always trying to take up space and fill it with another flavor." 

Her debut solo album, Franklin Street, hits the internet September 3, 2021.

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