Credit: Marley Clark | IG: @auramates | Marley Clark, Poet and Author of Before Dawn
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Before Marley Clark (he/him) became the humble, simple, and sensual poet he is today, he could be found weaving together words and experiences to create songs and journaling to air out thoughts.

MC: It all started by me making a tumblr blog. I just needed a space where no one knew me, unlike Facebook where my family and friends were. I needed a safe space for myself away from judgment and scrutiny. Tumblr was my comfort zone. I was free to post my poems, no matter how heartbreaking, romantic, sad or even happy they were.


(Verse 1)
 Don't leave just yet
 Babe I need you here
 I might not see you
 For another year
 My visa's taking 
 Longer than expected
 Just let me hold
 You for another second
 I wish you were over here right now
 Instead of miles away in another town
 The distance between us 
 Will never wear me down
 I was lost but in your love
 I'm found
 (Verse 2)
 I'll never forget the moment
 That we met
 Admiring each others work
 And blog aesthetics
 We both loved music
 Nature and the arts
 Instant connection
 From the moment we talked
 I wish you were over here right now
 Instead of miles away in another town
 The distance between us 
 Will never wear me down
 I was lost but in your love
 I'm found 

MC: It’s about long distance relationships and how the emotional process of it works. I got the inspiration from a friend who was having [a] difficult time, thinking about her love and how she wished he could be there with her constantly instead of waiting and taking trips to be with each other. It was a very emotional and stressful time, and I just wanted to capture those emotions in writing.  

Short, sweet, and to the point. There's something about listening or reading something that can be understood instantaneously. This simplistic, tender style of word usage is something Marley has cultivated that is true to his personality. Shy and reserved about his writing, he eventually couldn't deny that he was gifted. And being gifted almost always follows with some form of recognition.

MC: Sophomore year of high school, my English teacher, Ms. L, had this thing called poetry Friday in class. We could read or submit anonymously, which of course I did the latter. She read my poems and my classmates loved them. They wanted to know who was writing this. I eventually told them and received a pretty shockingly huge reception. I’ve been writing since then. 

For the past three years, he's written at least one poem, every single day. Whether it’s a sentence, a line or two, or a polished piece, in his words, he "pours his heart and mind into it all." 

MC: All my thoughts and feelings have been made into art. My mission is to touch as many hearts as I can through my words. I just want the readers to know that someone understands them, especially the heartbroken people in the world. They are not alone in their pain and heartache or their road to recovery. It gets better, I promise.

Marley Clark, Now and Always
Credit: Marley Clark | IG: @auramates | A piece showcasing Marley's poetic aesthetic..

MC: It speaks clearly to anyone who’s ever been in love and had to say goodbye to that person. To the people who try to start over and find a new connection. They never want to go through that storm of heartache ever again, so they either wish for something with no strings attached, or if you’re like me, you wish for something never-ending. 

Joining the plethora of poets who have been denied access to being published due to rigid "quality checks", Marley has sought his own way to establish himself as a serious and dedicated poet. He self-published his own poetry collection, Before Dawn, back in March.

Marley Clark, The Fall
Credit: Marley Clark | IG: @auramates | An excerpt from Marley's poetry collection, Before Dawn.

MC: The Fall is a double entendre about my love for the season and an old friend of mine named Autumn that I had a connection with. I make the distinction between the two very clearly, but it still goes over some people’s heads, which I find hilariously cheeky! By the way, if Autumn, whom I haven’t talked to in years sees this, hey love! 

Marley is hopeful for the future. While he awaits an opportunity to get listed as one of the top-selling poets of all time, he's focusing on exploring his craft further.

MC: Of course I’d love to be on The New York Times Best Seller List someday or go on some type of cool book tour! But all of that doesn’t matter if the art doesn’t speak to the people that read it. My vision is to connect with people, period.

Marley's book, Before Dawn, is available for purchase on Amazon.

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