Credit: Faith Theodosia McGee | IG: @faith.theodosia | Faith Theodosia, Author of In the Midst...
Affirm Noire| July 9, 2021
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Many Creatives have daytime jobs. While creativity is certainly an admirable skill in the eyes of employers, just 35% of workers are given opportunities to create at work a few times per year. Fortunately, Faith Theodosia McGee (she/her) has found the bridge between her Atlanta-based classroom and her experience as a poet.

By expressing my personal truth via poems, it is my goal to inspire everyone who reads or hears my words to also be their most authentic self.

"Working with elementary school students helps add to the introspection of being a writer," she said in an interview with us. "Children, especially at young ages have yet to be socialized to the point of no return. Children have the opportunity to be themselves and not apologize for it. Hearing their perspectives and opinions almost always leads me to challenge myself and my thinking."

Faith began writing when she herself was in elementary school. What began as an assignment now serves as the foundation for her love of rhyme poetry. For Faith, poetry is about taking her day-to-day experiences and giving them space for exploration.

Faith Theodosia McGee
Credit: Faith Theodosia McGee | IG: @faith.theodosia | Faith Theodosia, Poet and Author of In the Midst...

"Writing usually occurs at night, almost every day," she said regarding her dedicated writing routine. "I usually begin by journaling or mentally going over the events of the day. Then, I use those thoughts to make a poem."

Getting into poet mode at night isn't like turning off one switch and turning on another, however. It requires some effort after returning home from spending the majority of the day with curious and energetic students.

"Even though I use my day job to add to my writing, it does take some work getting into the mental space to create," she said. "I usually light a candle, have a nice shower, and just think about my day. Keeping my space clean prior to coming home is also a plus."

However, once Faith has settled for the night with pen in hand, she doesn't write about book reports and star-shaped stickers (at least when she can help it). Her book In the Midst… details Faith's journey evolving from one version of self to another. Of going from a dark place to a light one and ultimately finding power by manifesting an authentic version of herself.

Credit: Faith Theodosia McGee | IG: @faith.theodosia | Faith's Book In the Midst...

"This journey has no true end, much like life," she said, speaking to the journey we each individually pursue. "We see it in nature from the sky, between day and night, the flowers, between bud and bloom, and even animals from egg to adult. Our final form is never truly final. The cycle continues. We change and become new, but the essence still remains."

Rejuvenation, one of the poems from her book, reads like a mantra, instantly enabling one to achieve mental clarity. It's relatable and timely given that so much chaos is ensuing around the world. Faith's work can be applicable to any person's life, and that's what gives it an enduring quality.


by Faith Theodosia McGee

exhale, inhale
take a moment to breathe
recollect your vision
remember, this is your journey 
such as the sky 
through day and night
withstanding, always
just merely changing shades
use this in more ways than one
create peace that can not be undone
exhale, inhale
take a moment to breathe
recollect your vision
remember this is your journey
Credit: Faith Theodosia McGee | IG: @faith.theodosia | Rejuvenation, one of the poems in Faith's book, In the Midst...

"This is one of my favorite and also one of the oldest poems from my book," she remarked proudly. "I wrote it in a time when I was trying to find my path and what felt right. I looked to the sky often, admiring the clouds and different shades. Gazing like this made me realize that we are much like the things in nature, such as the sky, through day and night, withstanding, always," she continued. "Even though it seems like this hurdle is too big to get over, have faith in yourself to know that you will, because you always have. After writing this poem it became a chant that I would say to myself when I’d feel overwhelmed. I’d go outside, sometimes barefoot, look up at the sky and repeat the poem until I felt at ease."

Ease and peace of mind are things we all are probably yearning for as we continue wondering whether the pandemic will ever "end". Loneliness is affecting young adults aged 18 to 25 years old the most currently, and nobody is yet clear about the potential long-term effects of the mental implications this can have in the future.

Just My Imagination by Faith Theodosia McGee

so many thoughts begin to roam
when I'm left in a quiet room
and feeling alone
I come to this space
when expectations are erased
when my thoughts are consumed
when I'm feeling doomed
how could it be that I'm surrounded
yet, still all by myself
I've tried to express it
tried to force it
but maybe, 
this is as good as it gets
maybe this longing
is just a figment

"Just My Imagination was written during a time when I felt that the things that I longed for, in all aspects of my life, were unattainable," she reflected. "I was in a dark place where expectations for myself and the people around me were erased, and ultimately felt doomed. The conclusion I came to during this time was that all my dreams were just my imagination," she continued. "This poem is toward the middle, just before I realized just how powerful I am. By expressing my personal truth via poems, it is my goal to inspire everyone who reads or hears my words to also be their most authentic self," she said.

It's possible to get through a tunnel that seems emerged in yards of ocean.

Get In the Midst... and find out how Faith did.

Connect with Faith:

Instagram: @faith.theodosia


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