affirm noire

is a multifaceted virtual enterprise delivering self-care, business-related, and educational content and tools to BIPOC Creative-preneurs who may also identify as LGBTQIA+. we aim to provide a safe space where BIPOC Creatives can create, connect, network, gain exposure, and find inspiration. we are the ear that listens to their experiences. we are the voice that advocates for their creativity and self-care, upholding the belief that both are important.

the #goals

to become the number one digital platform for self-care related content and creative inspiration for independent and underground artists that identify as BIPOC +/or LGBTQIA+.


to become the number one digital conglomerate dedicated to dismantling mental health stigmas in BIPOC communities through creative innovation, research and storytelling.


the principles

never forget why we began.

we needed a space to affirm our creative expression and experiences as BIPOC that also emphasized the importance of self-care.

never apologize for supporting our #anfam and #ansquad.

our priority is affirming BIPOC and those identifying as BIPOC that are also members of the LGBTQIA+ community. that is represented by the customers we serve and the employees we hire.

never stop committing to the cause.

serving as a safe platform where BIPOC can prioritize self-care and express themselves creatively and freely is our unwavering cause.

never forget where we have always intended to go.

giving up on our goals and community was never a thought. innovating, transforming and improving has been.

never let greed stop us from the “green”.

the "green" is sustainability, not money. we will always be digital and wholly sustainable when it comes to our operations and product and service offerings.

the #ansquad

Siera Whitaker

co-founder, ceo + 
master of creative manifestation

Brianna "Bri" Thomas

co-founder, coo +
queen of organization

our story

art, business + self-care fueled by 
bipoc gen zers + millennials on display
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